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Name:Princess J of the Glitter Kingdom
Birthdate:Feb 4
Location:United States of America
I am a Sunshine State lesbian that spends much of her time quietly exploring the internet and hoping not to be bothered by the outside public. I am happily married to my highschool sweetheart and we have an amazing pet family together.

Depending on my anxiety and mental state, I enjoy crocheting, cross stitching and reading!

I may sound like an old lady, and believe me I feel like an old lady, but I am in my 30s, and couldn't really be happier with how my life has turned out. Things are getting better all the time!

Interests (149):

80's goth, adventure time, alice in wonderland, all the slash, animals, art, arts & crafts, asl, asl interpreting, astrology, avoiding fuckery, babylon 5, babylon 5 femslash, back to the future, beatles, being weird, billie piper, biting, bjd, black books, bob ross, books, bookstores, bruce boxleitner, cannibal! the musical, catherine tate, cindy morgan, claudia christian, coffee, community, cooking, corgis, cosplay, crocheting, crystals, cute things, daft punk, dancing, daryl dixon, death, decoupage, delenn, depression, dining out, donna noble, dragon age: origins, dragon*con, dragoncon, edward gorey, end of line club, everything on my ipod and beyond, fae, faerie, faeries, fairies, fairy tales, fanfiction, feminism, feminist, flowers, flynn lives, flynncest, folklore, g'kar, gem, girls with glasses, glbt, glbtq rights, glitter, goth, gothic beauty, hamlet 2, happiness, harry potter, hello kitty, herbology, herbs, homoerotic subtext, hot fuzz, i ate all your bees, inspector spacetime, kat dennings, kindness toward animals, learning, legalize it, lesbian, linguistics, lisa frank, magick, merlin, merthur, mythology, nag champa incense, nerding, ninth doctor, no fucks given, olivia wilde, orlando, over-the-knee striped socks, pagan, photography, pizza mode, rats, ravenclaw, reading, rinzler, rock band, sailor moon, shaun of the dead, shiny things, sign language, silver jewelry, simon pegg, singing, slash, slashety-slash-slash, spaced, star trek, star trek original series, stoner dog, stoner dog 4eva, susan ivanova, tarot, thc, the color black, the grid, the ninth doctor, the walking dead, theatre, there are just too many fandoms, tofu, tron, tron slash, troy and abed in the morning, ultima, ultima online, used bookstores, vampires, vegan cooking, voice acting, walking dead, weird al, witchcraft, writing, yes this is dog, yori, yori lives, zathras, zuse
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